Drawing principally but not wholly on his 2009 Songs From the Floodplain album (with a new album expected autumn 2017), Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings features Bellowhead’s Sam Sweeney and Paul Sartin, and the talented Rob Harbron, Richard Warren and more, with up to an eight piece line-up for selected shows.

Much of Jon’s Remnant King’s work is inspired by post-apocalyptic literature, something represented at live gigs by the on-stage use of wax cylinders providing a distinctive counter to normal amplification. Despite its seemingly dark nature, there is no conflict between Jon’s work as an entertainer and this, rather it is about the ongoing importance of social entertainment, stripped of 21st century technology that serves mainly to distance the artist from the audience.

Many Remnant Kings shows are followed by sessions in a local pub, involving the whole band leading the room in song.


Available November 2017 and April/May 2018